Paleo Diet

What is Paleo Food?


What is Paleo food might be the first question you want to ask..

Obviously, this is the first question that I asked myself when I was in the search for a new diet that I could try to help in maintaining my current weight while making sure that I can still be healthy. Like all other people, I searched through the internet about Paleo food and what benefits I could get with this diet.

The term Paleo grabbed my attention and therefore, I was really determined to know what it is all about and whether there are already many people who are using it or not. I did my research and I found out that this diet consists of what people eat during the Stone Age. For this diet, it would mainly consist of:

  • Foods that are rich in protein like seafood, meat and other products derived from animals.
  • Fewer amounts of carbohydrates. People who follow a Paleo diet would eat non-starchy vegetables.
  • High amounts of fiber. What people in this diet have to eat to gain high amounts of fiber is through eating non-starchy fruits and vegetables and not through eating grains.

In this diet, there are certain exclusions on what food you should be eating. Basically, what are excluded in this diet are those that were never or rarely consumed by people during the Paleolithic period. Some of these products are the processed foods and even beverages that were impossible to produce during that time.

Since most of the foods included in the diet are really healthy and are free from any substances that may harm the norm of your body, there are already many people who have switched to this kind of diet. As for me, I loved how the diet made it easy for me to maintain my body while making sure that whatever I eat all are safe and do not contain any chemicals and or substances that may harm my health.


Why I Turned to Paleo Diet

Basically, loved the Paleo diet not because many people are already doing it but because I loved how it focuses on eating healthy foods. People wanting to get to know more about “what is Paleo food” should know that its approach is nutritional as it will help in keeping your body strong, lean and energetic. Though it is considered as a modern-day diet, the approach on eating only fruits and vegetables and without all of the processed food and beverages makes it really safe for anyone.


What a Healthy Paleo Diet Consists

When searching about what is Paleo food, you will also find the foods that are required for creating a healthy Paleo diet. There are times when you would see the different food requirements for various Paleo breakfast recipes and Paleo lunch recipes. You might find out that most of the recipes would only be including more on the fruits and vegetables. Though there are recipes including pork or fish meat, you would most likely see recipes focusing on vegetables and fruits.


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1000 Paleo Recipes


So, how can you build a Paleo diet that is healthy? Check out the food requirements below:

  • Your diet must consists only of lean proteins

For supporting your muscles, bones and improve your immunity function, foods that are rich in lean proteins are what you need. Aside from these, protein helps in keeping you satisfied or full in between meals. To enjoy lean proteins, you can always try any Paleo fish recipes or Paleo pork recipes that are prepared healthily.

  • Vegetables and fruits

Just what I have mentioned earlier, fruits and vegetables are important parts of this diet. These foods are rich source of phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. When you can take in these substances in your body, expect that your likelihood of acquiring or developing any forms of degenerative diseases will be lower. If you find eating fruits and vegetables a hassle to prepare, you can always have the perfect combinations of fruits and vegetables and put them all in your blender to create any of the delicious Paleo smoothie recipes.

  • Sources of healthy fats

Given that you are not allowed to take in any processed food, you must get the healthy fats right from its natural resources. Some of these are seeds, nuts, olive oil, fish oil and any grass-fed meat. Having these included in your diet is found to help in reducing the tendency of a person in suffering from obesity, chronic disease and even cognitive decline. You can mix any of the fats on any Paleo salad recipes and still enjoy great flavors.

 When you have all of the food sources of important nutrients within your diet, you can expect that your body will be more energetic than usual since you are provided with all of the needed nutrients of your body.

Health Benefits of Having Paleo Diet

Along with the question “what is Paleo food”, most people would also be asking about its health benefits. As I have turned to Paleo diet, I gained many of its benefits and I would be happy to share it with you. These benefits are:

Improved blood lipids:

There are many people who have gained improvements with their blood lipids and were gladly satisfied with how they are able to cope up with their condition even better.

Weight loss:

Since I want to maintain my weight and even reduce some if possible, I enjoyed the benefit of losing some weight and be able to maintain my current weight. Just like other people, I was able to gain so much from this benefit.

Less pain from autoimmunity:

Many people loved the fact that this diet is not like other diets that are focused on a certain aspect. Having this diet has brought great benefits for those having problems with autoimmunity.

Overall, Paleo diet has done great things in other people’s lives and also with my life and overall health. I love the concept of just sticking with healthy foods and keep my body healthy and not depriving it with the nutrition that it requires.

This Paleo diet is truly a recommendation that I would spread continuously with people who want to stick with a healthy lifestyle.

This is what you’re gonna find inside:

1000 paleo recipes

>>If you want to find out more about the 1000 Paleo Recipes click here<<

1000 Paleo Recipes
Desserts recipes, Lunch Recipes

Paleo Muffins


Different Paleo Muffins

If you are looking for delicious baked products that will not affect your diet, then Paleo muffins is the one that you’re looking for. Paleo muffins are good for the people who follow Paleolithic diet or eating food that has alternative ingredients instead of the classic ingredients that most baked products is made of.

Paleo muffins are special kind of muffins for its variety of alternative ingredients because unlike other muffins, it is not made of other grain products like wheat flour and use various types of nuts and flour instead.

Its recipe is as simple as its name also so you will not have a hard time to add and change your muffin recipe. Below are some Paleo muffins that made some delicious modification in the recipe. Try each flavor or make your own Paleo recipe, you will surely enjoy it.

Paleo muffins chocolate banana

1. Chocolate Chip Banana Paleo Muffins

We all love chocolate chips and banana muffins, so why not combined these popular flavors in one muffin? You will surely enjoy eating both flavors at the same time and taste the classic muffin. It used Paleo (almond flour) and coconut oil and flour as main ingredients.

2. Strawberry Paleo Muffins

The sweetness and color of strawberries will surely make your muffin delicious even if you’re just looking at it and also the goodness it bring like the anti vitamins and antioxidants. It used coconut and arrowroot flour instead of all-purpose flour, no milk used and to enhance the strawberry flavor, uses natural sweet instead of sugar.

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Desserts recipes

Paleo Desserts

Top Reasons Why You Need To Choose Paleo Desserts

Did you know that there are lots of reasons why you need to choose deserts made out of Paleo recipes? Yes, there are. Whether or not you are a professional dessert chef, learning about this incredible foodie stuff is sure to make a difference in your menu. Thousands of people have proven it. If you are not one of them, you are missing a lot of brilliant things especially related to desserts. You don’t want that do you?

It is true that there are so many food enthusiasts that boast on their respective dessert recipes. However, there are only few that really made it to the top ranks. When it comes to quality, healthy, and world-class desserts, you are referring to one name only—Paleo desserts. This is not recognized to be such for no reason. So you say you are a foodie, but you have never tasted how awesome their deserts are? You have never tasted the best dessert in town. If you are in search of totally satisfying desserts that will perfectly fit in each main course, it’s time for you to choose Paleo. This is something that millions of dessert lovers around the world have done and has proven completely fulfilling. Hype alone may not be enough to entice you with these delectable recipes. You need to have substantial ideas about it. This way, you will be able to compare how awesome indeed this is.

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Breakfast Recipes

Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Is eating normal foods during breakfast doesn’t interest you to the point that you don’t even want to check the food for the day? If you say so, perhaps you would want to try a new recipe that will drive your hunger to the fullest, right? It is truly very uninteresting to eat breakfast especially that if you are eating the same food for breakfast over and over again. You can uplift your breakfast through the paleo breakfast recipe that is not only delicious but will surely satisfy your hunger.

You would probably ask what paleo food is. Paleo foods are foods that will enable you to attain nutritional approach which is very beneficial for you to stay strong, lean and energetic. This composes a group of foods that will not get you make feel annoyed. If you are fond of fasting especially during breakfast, you will no longer avoid this morning meal again particularly if you are already aware of the paleo recipes that are best for breakfast. These recipe will surely inspire you wake up earlier, prepare food and face the day with energy. If you will not take your breakfast, you will surely have weaker immune system and you will not also be able to accomplish your daily task energetically.

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Lunch Recipes

Paleo Lunch Recipes

Are your friends planning to have lunch at your house? Buying foods in a particular food chain is more costly unlike if you are going to cook. Foods sold in a food chain will not surely be enough to satisfy the hunger of your friends and for that you will surely be required to buy more and expensive foods outside. Ready to eat foods are also delicious however are you pretty Paleo lunch recipessure that it is nutritious, safe and clean? If you are not used to cooking and it is not your expertise, it is very necessary that you learn easy and delicious recipes. There are various paleo lunch recipes that are available on the internet and will help you in cooking foods for lunch.

If your friends are fond of eating foods which are healthy and delicious, cooking paleo foods is very ideal. These foods are designed not only to fulfill your crying stomach but this is also very necessary in order to keep your body strong, healthy and active.

Lunch is one of the most important meals that you should not forget since this will enable you to go through with your work and task energetically.

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Salad recipes

Paleo Salad Recipes

Are you fond of eating salad? (in the picture above) “Paleo Diet Style Green Bean Salad with Boiled Eggs, Salmon, Tomatoes and Arugula.” If you are very fond of eating salad, there are so many salad recipes out there for you to try. But you must be careful of those salad recipes especially if you are going to have your diet meal plan. If you want to look for a healthy recipe salad, you must look for the right salad recipes and with that, you may consider the Paleo Salad Recipes.

You might have a question in mind if what Paleo Foods are. Well, Paleo Foods are the recipes created to guide every recipe user to get the right nutrition they need every day. The recipes that are included in their recipe book are assuring everyone that it is the best recipes to be experienced by everyone.

Recipes by Paleo are one of the reasons why there are so many people who are already getting their way into a fitter and healthier diet.

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Pork Recipes

Paleo Pork Recipes

Paleo foods are becoming more popular to the public because of their finger-licking look and taste. There are lots of paleo recipes which are extremely delicious and will surely make you full. Although this food is now becoming popular there are still individuals asking for what is paleo food until they realized that even them can already explain what kind of food it is. Paleo foods are foods which stared during the ancient times. These foods include animals and plants which are eaten by humans during the Paleolithic era.Paleo pork recipes

If the recipe contains pork, you have probably noticed that majority of individuals are encouraged to eat. They eat like it is their first time to taste not because they are hungry but because the food is very delicious and yummy. Pork can be cooked into different recipes. There are lots of paleo pork recipes that have really caught the interests of the humans. Although some pork recipes does not look engaging but once you have tasted it, you will surely forget hoe it looks like. These pork recipes are good for breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on how it has been cooked.

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Fish Recipes

Paleo Fish Recipes

Do you prefer eating fish rather than meat? If you do, then you must be looking for fish recipes that will surely capture your taste. There are lots of fish recipes out there but you can look for recipes that are always concerned about your health and that is not impossible. One of these recipes that may fit your interest is the Paleo fish recipes.

Paleo Recipes are foods that are the recipes which are intended for giving healthy diet recipes.Paleo fish recipes

Paleo Fish Recipes are now one of the leading recipes online. These recipes are created innovatively not just to bring a delicious taste but also a healthier body system. Such fact gives people the reason to be encouraged of trying this Paleo recipe at home and cook more Paleo fish recipes. These are also one of the leading recipes which serve as a good example for a healthy recipe.

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Smoothie Recipes

Paleo Smoothie Recipes

Paleo foods are in form of recipes that aim to give you delectable foods which are intended to give low carbs and nutritious foods that are needed by the human body. Paleo foods are now getting more familiar especially for those who are looking for healthy recipes to include on their regular diet.

The Paleo Smoothie recipes are one of the best Paleo recipes that you may try in your kitchen. These recipes of smoothies are well chosen. Each serves high quality of nutrition and taste for those who are very picky with different recipes for smoothies. Though not all people are very much interested in including smoothie to their regular diet, it can still be good to be part of their regular diet since it has nutrients that are helpful enough in giving health to the body.

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